Jerker Desk

My beloved Ikea Jerker desk is centerpiece of all my projects. This desk is an engineering tour de force and is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased.

Ikea Jerker desk
Here it is tucked in under the stairs.

Ikea, sadly, discontinued the Jerker a few years ago. Which is a shame, because it was highly customisable and an extensible piece of gear. It has a legion of fans.

Annotated Ikea Jerker workstation
An annotated version of my desk.

Parts and accessories are now highly sought after. The Jerker desk is like Lego Technic for grownups. Get one if you can.


I've managed to get my hands on another Ikea Jerker. I got it from Ebay for $AUD40.

My dual Ikea Jerker workstation
I've added a second Ikea Jerker. This layout is still evolving.