Install WampServer into a virtual machine


  • A virtual machine with windows XP installed. If you don't have this then you can find out how to set it up by using this tutorial. Install XP into virtual machine.
  • A copy of WampServer. You can get it via the following link. Download WampServer
  • A couple of hours of your time, depending on your skills.

Aims of the tutorial

  1. Discover IP address and default gateway of host using ipconfig
  2. Setup static ip address of guest machine to same network
  3. Change the virtualserver name and workgroup to make it easier to find
  4. Enable file sharing on virtual machine to facilitate transfer of files
  5. Confirm connection between host and guest using the ping command
  6. Install WampServer
  7. Add Wamp shortcut to startup folder so services commence at startup
  8. Add a shortcut to C:\wamp\www directory to the desktop to make setting up sites easier
  9. Configure Apache server to allow access from local network. Apache configutation file can be found at C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.2.6\conf
  10. Test connectivity between host and guest machines and preview results in browser
  11. Create a simple test site and try php code to ensure all is working correctly.